Monday, 9 March 2015

Max, Hugo and Tazzy too !

Meet Hugo and Max, two boisterous 13 month old Black Labradors who arrived a few weeks ago for residential training.
For the first 2 / 3 weeks (!) these two believed that the world belonged to them, but now they realise life's not as simple as that and that the key to everything is respect !
Individually they're great, but I'm now working on the goal of having them off lead together, without causing any mayhem. It's not simple but everyday a little more progress  is being made and we will get there !

A very pensive Hugo
Predator and prey or simply just good friends ? (Charlie is carrying a tennis ball)
If you've not come across an Australian Labradoodle before, meet Tazzy, a young girl who's stayed with me for the weekend. She's had freedom albeit by the use of a long line, but as you can see, wasn't hampered in her movements while playing with little Molly.
Meanwhile Tilly lays in the background, oblivious to everything as she chews her favourite toy !

"Steady Molly, that was close !"
"Ouch ! I said steady !!"

Monday, 23 February 2015

Roma, Molly and Sumo all love winter !

This is our Search & Rescue Mountain dog Roma, refusing to take another step !
Although our 10 year old Border Terrier x Patterdale has a terminal illness, she still has times when her old energy and enthusiasm return, whereupon we all make the most of it.
Roma admires the views !
Take yourself back to your primary school days and remember how it felt to put every drop of effort into winning a race ........ now look at 5 month old Molly and her expressions as she strives to reach Paul and those memories will come flooding back !
Jogging to Rachel but...
the sprint to Paul just 
gets faster ....
and faster ....
Meet one little diva - Lulu.
My Yorkshire Terrier boarding guest struts from one room to another before settling on the most comfortable looking chair. What else did you expect ? Lulu using the floor to sleep on ? Don't be silly !!

20 minutes in the snow and poor Sumo is a dog like no other ! This poor lad was due to go shooting today but Paul decided to stay at home. Just as well really, as I can only imagine what his dog would have looked like after a few hours in the white stuff !

Sumo - weighed down by his ears !
Bobby, one of my residential training guests, loves to have a ball thrown for him, as these pics demonstrate perfectly. Thanks to Rachel for being my willing assistant !
All eyes on the ball for Bobby

Sunday, 18 January 2015

What is the attraction of snow to a dog ?

Bobby, my first residential training guest of 2015, loves trying to catch snowballs. This 9 mth old Border Collie is a model pupil and is really learning fast, although he still needs to let off some steam.

Like any dog that stays with me, play is always controlled, with boundaries never being that great and no dog being allowed off lead without proving to me that sheep and other livestock are not seen as an attraction !

But while I can teach a dog many things, I've not found the secret to tell a dog when to catch a snowball - sorry Bobby !

Next time you have a bad night's sleep, ask yourself, "is it the bed ?". Annie, my 18 month old Clumber Spaniel, hasn't realised that her favourite beds were actually bought for Honey, our Chihuahua !

Aha ! So this is where Honey goes when the lights are off and she can't get in her own bed. Seems sensible to me !

Short stay boarders Milo, Jenna and Halo have no objection to being photographed - in fact I think Milo may be getting a little too comfortable !

Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Labradors and water

Splish splash I was taking a bath ! Duke and Tara are not going to let a drop of water spoil the fun in picking up a tennis ball !

Somewhere there's a ball ...... somewhere !!
Duke is nearing the end of his residential training and what a transformation there has been. It took some time to get past his rather arrogant attitude (if a dog can possess such a thing!) but once we did, he's proven himself to be really good company in and out of the house. Well done Duke !

Duke ....
...... enjoys the Autumn sunshine
Two weeks ago Fynn arrived - just ask Paul ! Apparently the young lad was rather a handful, until Paul managed to put one of our leads on him. Since then we have not looked back. He now walks to heel on the lead, sits and stays when told to and just as importantly, gives eye contact to the person at the other end of the lead ! But these are early days and we still have a number of issues to work on, but like so many dogs we work with, Fynn is proving receptive and a joy to train.

The soft eyes of Fynn
..... who is now listening to the "sit" command
Meet Dingo - at 13 years old our oldest residential training guest to date. Prior to arrival she had a history of dog aggression, food aggression and no recall. Her owners were actually walking her very late in the evening to avoid other dogs. She now recalls very well, is fine with her food and gets on very well with other dogs - ignore her solitude in the photo - just believe me !! Well done Dingo.

Who says a 13 yr old can't run fast ! Well done Dingo !

Friday, 10 October 2014

Training dogs not to chase sheep !

My working week introduces me to new dogs and owners all the time, and while I often get emails thanking me for how the dog now behaves, I rarely get a photograph. But that changed this morning and it's made my day ! Zee, a beautiful GSD, couldn't resist chasing sheep and even more alarming, grabbing a mouthful of fleece. So I worked with her on this bad habit and she now has a lot more respect for the animals. But I only did the ground work. Well done to her owner - A - for continuing with Zee's training.

A recent email mentioned a breed I was unfamiliar with - a BRT. The Black Russian Terrier is a mix of approx. different breeds, inc. Giant Schnauzers and Rottweilers. One of their key attributes is a strong protective instinct, which is why the owners had purchased theirs'. But at only 14 weeks old, I didn't have too much to worry about when I made a home visit to help out. The two pics are off the web as I didn't have my camera with me at the time.

Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Keeping it in the family

With day courses, training lessons, residential training dogs and boarding dogs starting to put a strain on us, we have asked our eldest daughter Rachel to join the business - something she did with a huge smile on her face !filling up my days from dawn to dusk, Rachel is very capable of working with dogs, be it training or walking on the hills, though her main work is being a Reiki Practitioner working with animals.
Her first role - and with the blessing of his owner, has been to train the basics to a 5 month old Miniature Schnauzer who goes by the name of Henry.
Proof of her ability to train has been demonstrated over the past 2 weeks since Henry arrived. He'd become far too big for his boots at home with no respect for his owner, whose hands he would bite !
However Rachel's calm but firm approach has seen this little lad change from a thug into a dog who fully respects her and the commands she gives. At 5 months of age there's still much he has to learn but he has made a brilliant start. Well done Rach !

"I love you Rachel"!
Meet Henry

A day in the life of ..... Janet finished late this afternoon working with two dogs, one of whom was aggressive towards other dogs. It was interesting to see how she dealt with them, from the moment they were brought out of their car, hyper and with tails in the air, to the moment they returned, calm, tails down and altogether much better behaved.
The "aggressive" one became very passive when introduced to three other dogs ..... no doubt realising just who was on the other end of the lead ! (Paul)
Janet in full flow

Paul and me have often mentioned that we should keep some sort of record detailing a training dogs' progress as it stays with us, and now having decided to do so, the lucky dog we have chosen is Bonnie !
For obvious reasons we can't say too much about her background, other than to say her socialisation was very limited and sadly she appears to have missed out on being walked.
But she is making up for it now as she progresses with the training. Paul and her have really hit it off and after a week of being with us she has learnt to sit, to stay at a distance, and to walk to heel on a slack lead. But best of all she has learnt to have fun ! Paul had to encourage her to run as he held the 25 ft lunge line, which was quite fitting as Bonnie decided to run around him just like a horse. But as the pics show, she's also found that a rubber ring can be fun. She has so much more to learn but she is a lovely girl, wanting to please which makes training her really enjoyable and rewarding. Watch out for future posts on Bonnie !!


Toddle Cottage. Home of a melancholic Clumber named Annie.
"Cheer up Annie, you could be on the floor with the rest of them !"

Before any dog boards with me I need to have them stay on a 24 hr try out, so as to see if basically they like us and we like them. I don't want a highly stressed dog staying with me .... but there again, I don't particularly want one who puts their feet under the table too quickly - or on it !!
Meet Sage, who Paul caught as he came inside having taken a couple of snaps outside. As you can see, she was in no rush to get off !
Next visit we'll lay new carpets for Sage

OK, every family has a wally, but in this case it's a Charlie. Can you see where the lad is watching Jet from?
Where is Charlie ?!!

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

And now for the sad news.

Wally needs a new home.

This 2 year old Collie
who has been staying with me for residential training over the past few weeks.
For personal reasons, Wally's owners are unable to have him back, meaning he is now looking for a new home.

So what does this lad need ? At the very least :-

A person / couple with experience of the breed is a must.
No families.
A rural home.
The person / couple must be prepared to give time in continuing with his training must have patience in abundance.

Wally is a young lad with issues ( NOT due to his owners), but as I have found, if you work hard you will slowly gain his trust, the issues diminish and with it he obeys commands.

I have put alot of time and emotion into this youngster and we have started to really bond so expect a few tears from me when I say goodbye to him.

If you think you could offer Wally a home with the above and a whole lot more, contact me through FB or my website -
But please, only serious enquiries.